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Hiking Plans 2022

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    • Hiking Plans 2022


      I don't think this thread has been started yet, so I will do the honors.

      It looks like I might have a window of opportunity for a hike between April 28 and May 8.
      High on my wish list are Isle Royale, Northern Sweden, Nepal, Sierra Mountains, New Zealand, and Kilimanjaro.

      As none of those are possible in the first week of May, I resort to plan B:
      1. Grand Canyon
      2. Someplace Else

      Any input on either of these options for the first week of May is appreciated. Cof124 Cof123 gif.013.gif :thumbup:
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      Looking to hike from Winding Stair Gap to Newfound Gap sometime in the spring. If I can get a full week for a hike, it will be a good year.

      Wondering if my son with throw a wedding into 2022 just to gum up the works. :/

      I would return to New Zealand in a heartbeat. My wife and I covered about 66% of the South Island. The North Island would be better for visiting during their winter (our summer). We could feel winter approaching the South Island when we visited in late March.
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      odd man out wrote:

      jimmyjam wrote:

      Grand Canyon. I've been five times now and I'm still blown away by it.
      I've been wondering about itineraries.Three or four nights? Corridor or Hermit loop? Transportation and lodging logistics?
      Permitting will be your biggest obstacle. Get your lodging first. You can try to get your permit, but don't get discouraged if they turn you down. They hold a few permits for each site in reserve at the Backcountry Office. You just need to get there early, like 6 am so you are at the front of the line or near the front. The rangers will be very helpful in telling where they have permits available. The Bright Angel or South Kaibab corridor to Phantom ranch is extremely popular, but Slingshot and I got walk up permits for it in April.
      A great hike would be down Hermit to the Tonto and around to Bright Angel, hitting Plateau Point on the way, you can also get to the river going down the Hermit.
      Another great hike people do is down the Grand View and spend a couple nights on Horseshoe Mesa( I've done this) or drop off the side of the mesa to the Tonto and take that west, connecting with the South Kaibab and take that to the river and Phantom Ranch/Bright Angel campground and return to the rim on the Bright Angel.
      Always always always check with the rangers on current water conditions. Water at Horseshoe Mesa is down a fairly wicked trail about .5 mi? to Miner's Spring aka Paige Spring.
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