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  • jimmyjam -

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too.

  • Traffic Jam -

    How was your surgery?

    • jimmyjam -

      It got rescheduled to this Wednesday. Looks like I get a tuned up knee for Christmas :-).

    • Traffic Jam -

      Eggnog and pain meds sound like an interesting combo. Good luck with your surgery! Merry Christmas.

  • Dan76 -

    Can I provide postage and a bit extra for the copy?

  • AnotherKevin -

    That was clever, packing up the ditty bag in a freezer bag cozy! Now I don't have to make a cozy the next time I make a stove for someone (and I've got a neighbor kid that I'm going to want to do just that for).

    Everything arrived in good order. Thanks again, this is great! (And by the way, your bear bag, the other ditty bag, and the wallet are still giving admirable service.)

  • Dan76 -

    Please if a 5x7 bag is still around, or a cozi for FB cooking. Thanks. I'll send an address upon request. Cheers.

  • Toli -

    Send me a PM if you want that TI sheet for something...

  • kerosenehat -

    Hows it going haven't seen you in a while.

  • Dan76 -

    Will you have the time for a CF tarp for me this winter?

  • Traffic Jam -

    Have a great hike JJ! Check in when you can.

  • Socks -

    Jimmy jam, have a great hike, long time comin'...your ready! and I've no doubt you'll make it the whole way, stay safe, stay healthy. And like Toli said, you need something when you get up my way DWG NJ to the NY state line, give a holler. all the best.

  • Toli -

    Let me know when ur in Pa. as I live in Quakertown, and if you need something, or maybe want some company for a few days... Port Clinton/DWG area is my stompin, grounds, and aboot 60 miles away...