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The Barefoot Sisters SOUTHBOUND by S&L Letcher

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    • The Barefoot Sisters SOUTHBOUND by S&L Letcher

      This book reads like a great adventure book. The sister's Susan and Lucy aka Isis and Jackrabbit (I couldn't fit their names into the title) leave Maine in early summer head southbound and recount their trip. I was very impressed by how well written the book is. The sisters take turns recounting their days and months and describe the sights, sounds ,and yes, feel of the trail "moss clung to the trees and rocks and roots like botanical fur". Their story includes a cast of characters including Tuba Man, The Family from the North, and Black Forest. They tell how they pasted long winter days and nights, the games they created and songs they wrote. Most of all they convey the importance of the trail community (including the trail angels) they encounter as they struggle to keep-up. I found it to be a real page-turner and would even recommend this book to people who aren't interested in backpacking but like a good Tale.