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Class of 2000 at Trail Days 2020

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    • Class of 2000 at Trail Days 2020

      A number of us are gathering in Damascus for Trail Days 2020 to celebrate 20 years since we met on the Trail whilst thru-hiking.

      So far we have Walkin' Home, Diamond Doug, Veronica, Gizmo, Urban Camper and Lynda.

      Please pass on the news to anybody who might be interested or be in touch if you are attending Trail Days and our collective paths crossed in 2000.

      We did have ambitions to do some hiking, but for the moment it looks like we will be drinking beer, eating pizza and catching up with 20 years of news and views.


    • we have a new leader in the "longest time between posts" category. :)

      your "class of 2000" facebook page has 124 members; mine has about 15. that's if it still exists -- i couldn't even find it this morning. oh well; it wan't exactly a beehive of activity anyway.
      2,000 miler