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A weekend away

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    • A weekend away

      Last weekend Kathy and I decided to put our responsibilities aside and get away for the weekend.
      We put our packs together a few days before and on Saturday we headed for the Taconic Hereford Multi Use Area.
      We spent the day hiking and come evening we set up camp on a treed hill top. Camping is allowed any place in the area as long as it's 150 feet off a trail.
      We slept late on Sunday morning, ate breakfast, broke camp, and walked a few tenths of a mile back to the car. Then we drove about 40 minutes to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. First we toured the museum buildings where they have aircraft, and other vehicles, from before the first powered flight up until the 1930s. Then we had lunch before heading to the grandstands to watch the airshow. It had a World War I theme and featured a number of period biplanes and a triplane as well as some later biplanes. In the end Sir Perrcy Goodfellow defeated the Black Baron and won the love of Trudy Truelove.

      All in all it was a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Even despite hours of traffic to get home and getting lost in the Bronx on Saturday on the way up state.