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Broke a silicone band on my Microspikes

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    • Broke a silicone band on my Microspikes


      I just had one of the rubber bands on my Microspikes tear - oddly enough, it wasn't one of the chain links tearing out, it was one of the bands at the heel.

      I had a look at a new pair in the store, and wow, has the build quality gone WAY downhill. The silicone looks flimsy, the chains are lighter gauge, and there's no wire bail at the toe any more. Anyone know whom Kahtoola sold out to?

      Sad to see a brand that I liked apparently going down the tubes. I'd had two pair of Kahtoola in the last eight years or so. The first one didn't owe me anything, you can only resharpen them so many times. The second pair was at least a couple of years old when it went. The current ones look as if they wouldn't last me a season.

      Anyway, I got myself an unexpected birthday present, a pair of new Hillsounds.
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