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can I load AT parking on a Garming 67 automotive GPS

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    • can I load AT parking on a Garming 67 automotive GPS

      I have been researching and have not come up with a clear answer. I have a Garmin 67 automotive GPS. Is there a way of loading AT parking areas or any other At information into it? There are times where I will be driving in an area and it would be real useful to know how close i am to the AT, expecially parking areas. I would rather not use a smart phone for this and I dont use a smart phone while hiking.
    • The short answer is yes. But it's not a simple process.

      Here's how I do it.

      1, Visit the Rohland's AT Parking site and find the parking areas you want to save.
      2. Click on the map button to open Google Maps. Switch from Street View to the overhead view.
      3. Right-click on the parking area and select 'What's Here?'
      4. The lat & lon coordinates will appear in a box along with an estimated street address.
      5. Enter the lat & lon information into your GPS, making sure that the format matches. In other words, a lat of 45.331462 does not match up properly if your Garmin uses degrees, minutes and seconds. You could try the estimated street address but I'm more comfortable with coordinates.
      6. As a confirmation, download your new Garmin waypoint into the Basecamp software and compare the location to the one shown in the Rohlands' site.

      It's a pain to go through these steps, but I've been very successful in finding obscure AT parking areas this way using my Garmin nuvi. Screwed up once with my coordinate conversion math, which is why I now compare my created waypoint to the original location using Basecamp.

      Here's an example of why I use my nuvi instead of a smartphone. My hiking partner and I finished a hike at New Hampshire Route 17C and wanted to head back to Hanover for pizza. There was no cell service in the area, so the phone GPS couldn't create a route. We had to do the old-fashioned way of using paper maps to follow major roads (didn't have a Delorme Gazeteer) and it took longer than a direct route. After the post-hike dinner, we went to retrieve my car at the Goose Pond Road parking area. Leaving the parking area, my buddy still didn't have a cell signal and turned right back towards Hanover. The nuvi created a direct route to our destination and instructed me to turn left. I made it back to our destination a full hour before my buddy.

      If there's a better or easier way, I'm interested as well. But I'm a map-head and really enjoy playing with Basecamp.
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    • Does this version allow the use of a separate memory chip? in the past I would store a nav point that I knew and dig into the software and add the KML file right into the GPS memory - but exceeded the total points. It works. but it is not a standard Garmin map it's a topo Garmin and rare, and it works.
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