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InstaBoost Pilot for cars and cell phones/gps/tablets

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    • InstaBoost Pilot for cars and cell phones/gps/tablets

      I just bought an InstaBoost Pilot at Lowe's. Cost was $70 and came with cables and a carry pouch. Weight is 15 ounces.

      It can be charged from a wall adapter, or the cigarette lighter in your car.

      output: 5vdc at 2.1A; 12v at 10 a; 12 at 200a (starter)

      It incldes a 40 lumen flashlight that doubls as am emergency flasher.

      The Li-Poly battery is 10000mAH (10AH)

      Good thing to have if your car/truck/etc. needed a battery boost out in the middle of nowhere.

      Looking at it, the flashlight button could easily be pressed in a backpack full of gear. But that is true of many flashlights. I'll certainly use it as a substitute for my 3D cell LED flashlight. Its a bit lighter and serves more uses.
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