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77-year-old finishes 500-mile trek on the Pacific Crest Trail

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    • As the article quotes him as preparing for the Portland marathon, I've always wondered how well a thru- hiker would compete in a marathon.

      Lest we forget.....

      SSgt Ray Rangel - USAF
      SrA Elizabeth Loncki - USAF
      PFC Adam Harris - USA
      MSgt Eden Pearl - USMC
    • I was lucky enough to meet & hike with Brice Hammock. He has Tripled Crowned TWICE! Both since he retired. About the only reason I could keep up & camp with occasionally is he had his 30 something daughter along with him. He told me in private he loved having her along, but it was agravating at their low daily miles of around 20 something miles a day in relatively easy Oregon. A few years later I ran into him at an AMLDA-West conference. I asked about his summer's hike. He said it really beat him up. He decided he was getting to lod for hiking long distance. ( I think he was 72 at the time) He said no more lond distance hikes for him...nothing over 500 miles. I hope I can grow up to be like him!