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Traffic Jam

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  • montana mac -

    ​In the picture of the rod and reel it appears that the bail has not closed completely on the reel. There is/are screw(s) that mount the bail to the reel. There should be spring behind one end of the bail. It is this spring that closes the bail. Many times old grease gets dried out and does not let the bail close completely. Other times the end of the spring will be broken or has popped out of the hole also causing the bail not to close. If the bail doesn't close the line won't reel onto the spool. Most tackle shops should have a replacement spring. If cleaning the bail spring doesn't correct the problem PM me and I can give you a few other things to look at.
    Good luck

  • montana mac -


    One thing I do on my maps to help me get it aligned is to draw lines across the map parallel to the magnetic north line. This way wherever I place the compass on the map I have a magnetic north line. I normally use a yard stick as this is a good width and has enough length to go across the map.

    Also the Boy Scout merit badge book for orienteering has good info.