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  • LIhikers -

    Love the dog photos you use as your avatar!

  • Dan76 -

    Appreciate the effort and generosity.

  • jimmyjam -

    Should be in the mail tomorrow.

  • jimmyjam -

    Dan76 are you talking about the 2016 ATC guide? If so sure its yours- let me know.

  • Dan76 -

    Thanks...address is in Ogden zip 84403

  • jimmyjam -

    You can have both. I think I have your address.

  • Dan76 -

    This is my latest puppy I'm training for CCI. Dresden is now 9 months and this pic was taken at 4 months during one of her first public outings. We were potting plants for centrepieces used at a benefit dinner in support of CCI. The pictured lady is one of our fellow puppy trainers. Thanks for asking.

  • Traffic Jam -

    What's going on in your avatar? Are you at vegetable market? That is a beautiful dog.

  • CoachLou -

    Dan, who are the Airmen and Soldier?