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  • from waterbury, ct
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  • goody -

    i try socks, 1 day at a times ;)

  • Socks -

    Sup Goody, good to see ya....looking crisp!

  • goody -

    Thanks hikerboy-donation forthcoming.

  • goody -

    Woo & Coach, thanks for the invite to this wonderful internetz cafe. Even though my hiking experience is limited to just over 200 miles on the AT and 300 on other trails, I find myself to be happiest when I am hiking and even happier when I am backpacking (solo or with a group). I miss the trail everyday I am off it

  • CoachLou -

    Well Robert.....it is about time...................you came over to the dark side!

  • Wise Old Owl -

    Goody was instrumental in one of my hikes of the Delaware Water Gap - he is a team player and someone the has an insight in hiking and camera photography. His photos are inspirining to many. He enjoys the comradrie of others on the trail... I would like to hike with him again if the oportunity happens again- Woo

  • hikerboy -

    welcome to the cafe