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  • from Dark side of the moon
  • Member since May 31st 2014

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  • Dan76 -

    13Feb05. Ray was a good guy and a close friend.

  • Dan76 -

    What branch?

    • Grinder -

      Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

    • Dan76 -

      I asked wondering if you knew Ray Rangel, an USAF firefighter KIA in Iraq.

    • Grinder -

      No, I didn't. When was he killed?

      By the way, that USMC ended in 1996. Still a Marine (once, always, etc) of course, but it's been forever since I wore the uniform. I'm an overpaid civilian contractor now.

  • OzJacko -

    Hey Grinder.
    How much longer until you get back home again?
    I keep noticing that you are the only one saying much when it's afternoon here and then I remember your less than desirable location.

    • Grinder -

      My next vacation is October into November. As for home for good...hmm...good question. I came over here in late 2005 on a one year plan.

      If plans fall into place right, I'll be visiting Oz early next year.

  • Rasty -

    The Team at the appalachiantrailcafe.net wish you a Happy Birthday!

  • LIhikers -

    Boy, that car is VERY green!

    • Grinder -

      Dragon Green Metallic, is what Chevy calls it. When I first saw it I loved it, then I thought, "I'm almost 50 years old. I can't drive a car like that." Then later I thought, "I'm almost 50 years old, and go**amnit I can drive anything I want!" So I went for it.

  • CoachLou -

    Happy Birthday Marine!!!