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  • AnotherKevin -

    [quote='SarcasmTheElf','http://www.appalachiantrailcafe.net/index.php/Thread/1646-MLK-IV/?postID=86175#post86175']Did I mention the good news? It's looking likely that I will be able to make it two, maybe even three nights.

    I hope that once my foot and eye are up to hiking again that I can drag you out for another attempt at Friday Mountain! It's probably going to be a few months yet, because I've been off trail for a few months and I'm going to have to work up to that kind of elevation gain - I'm thinking of doing it as a day trip next time, and trying for the peak up the Escarpment from Maltby Hollow. That's a lot shorter, and there's an old logging road part of the way.

  • Rasty -

    The Team at the appalachiantrailcafe.net wish you a Happy Birthday!

  • Rasty -

    Love you occupation description