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the football thread

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    • odd man out wrote:

      rhjanes wrote:

      odd man out wrote:

      having grown up in DC in the '70s, I pretty much route for any team that's playing against Dallas.
      We lived outside DC from 1971 thru 1975. I went to 3 years HS at West Springfield HS. Good times. The Washington Colanders were pretty good.
      I graduated from High Point HS in '77. That's about the same distance from central DC as West Springfield, but in the opposite direction.
      So is that in Maryland?

      It was interesting times. 'Nam was ending. My dad had been over from 12/68 to 12/69. Then he was back doing fighter pilot intercepts of the Russians for a year in Montana. Then we were in DC as he was at the Pentagon 4 years. When the movie "Remember the Titans" came out, I about fell over. That happened the year we moved there. Our HS still played TC Williams in sports. They pounded our team in football. But in basketball, our HS team went to state 2 of the years we were there. Our team lost one of the years because we played in the finals against Petersburg VA, who had a game plan of "Chuck the ball down court so Moses (Malone) grabs it and dunks it". He was the first HS player to turn pro out of HS. Sadly dad couldn't get a year extension at the Pentagon and so he decided to retire with 24 years. So my last year of HS was after he retired and we moved to TX. I'm still in touch with one old HS friend. We both wound up in computer stuff. He told me that with the 20+ percent turnover in students at HS (Due to many students with parents being transferred due to jobs in military, foreign service, government) our senior year was more trouble than it was worth.

      Lead article in the Dallas paper sports page today is about the 'Boys and issue with the GM being the owner. So the GM can't be fired over now 29 years of "Can't get past the first or second playoff game". But just remember, the Cowboys is one of the richest sports franchises in the world........
      Pirating – Corporate Takeover without the paperwork
    • yes. I lived in Beltsville MD from '64 to '77. Beltsville is where US 1 crosses the Beltway between College Park and Laurel. It's main claim to fam is as home of the main research center for the Department of Agriculture. My dad was a research scientist there.

      One connection to Texas sport was in 1965, the designers of the Astrodome contacted the USDA to get some tips on how to grow grass indoors (this was the first indoor stadium). They were put in touch with my dad's lab which specialized in plant physiology, especially grass crops. The met with the Dome designers who explained their plans. The scientists all said it wouldn't work and the grass would quickly die. The Dome people went ahead with their plans anyway. The grass immediately died, so they switched to Astroturf.