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Loaded for Bear - more hike conditioning

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    • Loaded for Bear - more hike conditioning

      I took off to the Susquehannock State Forest in PA for a night hike. I would be taking Star Trail Photos carrying my 120-liter Seal-Line pro backpack and on my chest would be my Atmos 35.

      Yea, I was loaded with camping gear and photography equipment.

      I have no idea how much it weighed but it was a lot. Here N41° 41.140' W77° 48.506' it’s a nice short hike, but a continuous grade up. We utilized the ATV trail and brought our head lamps and trekked up the small mountain.

      A longtime friend came with me and we enjoyed the night air and peace and absolute quiet. The overnight low was going to be in the low 40’s and we had zero bugs!

      Yes, thats black bear scat!

      I hope you like the photos and the little write up.

      Be well,
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