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Questions I have before buying a used pack

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    • Questions I have before buying a used pack

      I guess the first question is should I buy a used pack? I was looking at purchasing an Osprey. From all the articles I have read and videos I have watched they seem to be one of the best. If I purchase a used pack and there are issues with it will they still honor the lifetime warranty? is there anything specific I should be paying attention to before buying a used pack?
    • There's nothing wrong with buying used gear, as long as there's nothing wrong with the gear itself.You should always ask the seller why they're selling. Osprey makes a good pack. The Exos, Atmos and now the Levity are the more popular ones, with the Exos a preference of the 3 among thru hikers. Osprey has a great reputation for honoring its warranty. I don't think you'd have an issue returning it if there is something that's defective.
      Make sure the zippers are all working, and haven't separated, a common problem with some of the older Osprey packs. And check for excess wear and tear along the seams, especially the bottom.
      its all good
    • I would have no problem buying a lightly used pack. Some people give hiking a try for one weekend and then decide it is not for them. Packs like shoes are not always a perfect match for an individual, so that may be another reason they are selling.

      I cannot advise you on warranties, but that is part of why used gear should be priced accordingly. If you get a great bargain, it does not matter as much.

      Put some weight in the pack and pay attention to the fit. That is an individual thing. The best pack in the world is not going to be great if it does not fit right.
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    • hikerboy wrote:

      There's nothing wrong with buying used gear, as long as there's nothing wrong with the gear itself....
      I would add that this is especially true for quality gear. Osprey doesn't make the lightest pack, but it is probably the best selling pack so it is likely to retain its value well. It works well for many people so there is a good chance it can work for you.