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Forest Service Food Storage Requirements Effective April, 2023 -- GA to VA

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    • Forest Service Food Storage Requirements Effective April, 2023 -- GA to VA

      If you backpack on the AT from Georgia to the SNP the Forest Service has issued new food storage regulations which are in effect the next 2 years.

      Here's a summary from the ATC:


      The summary includes a link to the actual order. Here's the actual order in case the summary disappears at some point:

      2,000 miler
    • Picture a football field...

      I don't think I have never, not ever, camped 70 yards away from my food in the years I have backpacked.

      I've thot for a long time that the bear cannister rule in Georgia (which is still in effect for that short 5 mile section) would eventually be required for the entire state. This new regulation will delay that. If hikers comply with the new regulation (and I have my doubts) then it is possible that bear cannisters will not be required state wide.
      2,000 miler
    • May not be a law but the regulation allows for fines up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months. "Up to" is the operative word.

      Not to mention the moral imperative of doing what is the best for the bears.

      And yes, enforcement will be spotty and difficult. My crystal ball says that becasue of non compliance with the new regulation that eventually bear cannisters will be required along the entire trail.
      2,000 miler
    • A friend just sent me an update stating that there is no camping between Tanyard Gap and Deep Gap just north of Hot Springs NC due to aggressive bear activity. Tanyard Gap is right at the old highway bridge crossing Route 25 and Deep Gap is just before the Route 70 road crossing in Allen Gap.

      Glad I made it through these sections before Yogi became smarter than the average bear. Granted, I still have to hike the 2nd half of the Smokies but bear cables are available.

      Up north, I heard that there's a sign that says "Maine - Bear Left". So I should be OK. gif.014.gif
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