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Packing Time Line

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    • Packing Time Line


      I’m not proud of it but I’m the type of person who often packs the night before a hike. I also don’t use a packing list…just go by what’s in my head which often leads to things being forgotten. It’s never been an issue, I always adapt and make do.

      But I’m trying to be more organized and started packing today for next week’s trip. Then I started worrying about my down bag being compressed for the next week so I started unpacking. :rolleyes:

      What’s your packing timeline? How early do you start packing and planning? If you have a down bag, what’s your limit for the amount of time it’s compressed?
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      I've screwed up twice that i can recall.

      On a weekend backpack trip with my wife we had self shuttled our cars and were getting ready to start hiking when I discovered I had forgotten to bring the sleeping bags. So we just made it a long day hike instead.

      On my thru I somehow made a mistake and bought 3 days of food for what was supposed to 5 days to the next town. When I discovered my error after a full day of hiking I was deciding if I was going to backtrack (thru hikers hate to hike an extra mile) or push ahead. I consulted my Data Book and as luck would have it there was a resupply option 2 days away. So no big deal.
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      On Boy Scout campout to Village Creek once realzed on the way we had forgotten the sleeping bags. Stopped at Walmart and grabbed a couple of Coleman's. With a family of six, a couple of extra low priced bags not a big deal.

      Now backpacking that would have been a little more serious now. You don't just stop along the road to grab a Western Mountaineering bag. :rolleyes:
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      I bring same stuff everytime so only thing i really need to give attention is starting food and resupplies. Rest i procrastinate on.

      When driving, Quite a few times i have just put all my gear needed in a cardboard box , with some alternate options. Then I actually decide what I'm going to bring and pack in the hotel the night before. Being able to procrastinate and leave stuff in the truck just makes it less likely for me to pack ahead of time

      Because of this somewhat haphazard approach even though I use a checklist I have forgotten a few things from time to time.

      Spoon..(hard to eat)....

      knife (nearly impossible to open a mountain house that's defective and has no tear notch without one)......no bs, took me 10 minutes with a rock to get a tear started

      Bandana......hard to pick up hot pot......or wipe sweat


      Headlight.....battery (well bedtime will be early)

      Hiking shirt.......long john top was a tad warm, but worked.

      Just a few things i remember. Sometimes this stuff just wasn't where it was supposed to be and just ended up not being with my gear i threw in a box.

      Now the opposite, has happened when I've gotten to a place where I'm meeting a shuttle driver........ And the shuttle driver shows up early, before ive gotten my thoughts together. One time without thinking I just grabbed my pack and got in their car......i was wearing street clothes and tennis shoes.... But I had my hiking clothes in my pack. So, when it dawned on me I ended up carrying my blue jeans , t-shirt tennis shoes for 60 miles. I discarded the cotton socks in a garbage can cuz they were cheap.

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      I get everything together a day or two before and lay it all out either in the spare bedroom or on a tarp in the garage. Then stuff it all in pack the day/night before. I have a list that I use and change up the clothes based on season and weather forecast. Everything that always goes (except pack, quilt, poles) stays in a big tub. Another tub holds my insulating layers and jackets that I pick from for each trip.
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