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Help selecting a moderate difficulty 7 day section within New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts the first week of October

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    • Help selecting a moderate difficulty 7 day section within New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts the first week of October

      I am a new backpacker. What is a moderate difficulty 7-8 day section through New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts? I plan to do this the first week of October. I had planned to start just inside New York, go through Connecticut and end up just inside Massachusetts. I had thought there were mostly 10 mile sections which seems doable for me in the shorter days of the fall. However, I recently read that there are some very challenging portions in Connecticut. Help!

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    • Hello Counselorman, welcome to the Cafe.

      I have only done short, weekend hikes in CT. I cannot advise on the entirety. Anyone else?

      One CT section I did had some pretty steep climbs, but they were of a reasonably short duration. No big mountains. Connecticut also has some easy strolling sections along the Housatonic River.

      I would think the hike you are suggesting would be a great section to start, especially if you plan on averaging a ten-mile pace. Where in NY did you plan to start your hike?
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    • We had a small group of Scouts many years ago that did the whole CT section as a 50 miler (done over 5 days of 10 miles, plus a bit since the section is 52 and you can't exactly stop at the CT/MA line, as that isn't at a road like the NY/CT one is).

      We've also had a few Scouts doing Hiking MB do their 20 mile day hike starting from the CT/NY line, since that allows the end of that 20 miles to be the about 5 miles that parallels the Housatonic (and has a total elevation change of about 100 feet over the stretch).

      There is one fairly steep downhill just before you hit the flat stretch and there are climbs here & there, but given that the leader who was leading/suggesting these hikes was fairly familiar with most of the trail in both CT & MA, I suspect that these were easier sections to offset the longer distance of either the 20 miles in a day or backpacking 5 days straight carrying everything (except some water, which was delivered by a parent due to dry conditions that year).
    • Is a place to park a car or access to public transportation an issue? That might influence where you start or stop your hike.
      That'll be a great time of year to be in that area as the leaves should be in great color.
      CT would be a good first section of the AT to hike and you'd have one entire state finished.
      " I recently read that there are some very challenging portions in Connecticut" As I remember there's 2 challenging parts, Bear Mountain and Saint John Ledges. How challenging is a matter of personal perspective. There are also some great places to camp, in particular I'm thinking of the Silver Springs campsite and a shelter area ( I don't remember the name off the top of my head ) that most people never go to because it's a 1/2 mile down hill from the AT.

      Welcome to the cafe and I'd love to hear how your trip goes in the end.
    • Looking back through my section hiking list, I can offer the following suggestions.

      NY Route 52 to CT Route 341 (Kent, CT) - 3 days
      CT Route 341 to CT Route 41 (Salisbury) - 3 days
      CT Route 41 to Jerusalem Road in Mass - 5 days
      Jerusalem Road to Dalton MA - 3 days

      Note that most of these sections were finished early on the last day. So stringing a few of them together would save a day or two. My buddy and I also had our young boys along for a few of these sections, so we weren't tearing up the miles each day.

      Have fun!
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