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Took a walk today

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    • On flick locks, there should be a screw or dial that can adjust the tightness of the lock.
      I have Fizan twist locks. They have a plastic plug on the inside. It can not be adjusted, but could be replaced if they are broken (would have to find a place to buy parts).
      For either type of lock, the work by friction either on the inside or outside of the pole, depending on the style. Dirty poles could interfere with this, so giving the surfaces a good cleaning may also help.
    • Thanks guys for the suggestions. They are twist locks. So, first I will try cleaning.

      We've had snow each of the last 3 days and more to come later today; total of about 7+" so far. So yesterday my friend & I went snowshoeing on the golf course that she lives on. Pretty strenuous but enjoyable as we were the only ones out so beautiful and peaceful. Saw a lot of deer tracks and some others that were probably squirrels as they went to trees and ended there. Warmed up with some chai tea.
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      Kathy and I got out for an easy 6 miles today around Stump Pond in a county park that's not too far from us.
      Even though the sky was a solid gray overcast, with no sun shining through, the temperature was about 50 degrees with a slight breeze. As for wild life there were ducks, geese, swans, a heron, and 3 deer. There were lots of people out, many were walking their dogs and some riding their horses. There were a good number of trail muffins, left by the horses, to avoid. Why is it dog owners are expected to clean up after their animal but horse owners aren't?
      Just asking.