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    • CoachLou wrote:

      Do not put a fly on. Just put a 6' leader on. You are not casting the fly, you are casting the line. The fly follows a good cast. When you follow thru stop the rod at 10 o'clock, and let the line unfurl.

      Did you find that video yet.......Lefty Cray.........he really makes sense of the cast so you can figure it out.
      When you say Leader, do you mean line or tippet? My line is 10.5’ the rod extends to 10’, and my tippet is 3’. It felt a bit short, I wonder if I need a longer line? Maybe 13’?

      I finally found time to put the rod together and practice in the back yard. I made the mistake of not watching a video on extending the rod, opened the wrong end, and had to put it all back together. Because it telescopes, opening the larger end makes all the sections fall out, lol! At least I learned how to put it together from scratch.

      I’m ready to try it out with a fly.
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      Lost in the right direction.
    • I spent the morning fishing and hiking in the Smokies. It was fun and frustrating.

      I parked next to a stream and found a great spot to eat an early lunch and play with my Tenkara rod. It started with my line getting caught on an overhanging limb because I forgot to check what was above me. Shortly after, the hook got caught on something under a rock. I had waded into the stream, barely managing to stay upright on the slippery rocks, and had to go knee deep to retrieve it so decided it was safer to fish from the bank.

      Needless to say, I didn’t catch anything. I don’t think I will ever excel at fishing but I’m hooked nonetheless. Oh how excited I will be when/if a fish decides to show me some mercy.

      Later, I drove down the road to a trailhead and hiked a few miles. It was a nice day.
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      Lost in the right direction.
    • A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work or just about anything other than hiking of course. I've had plenty of zero catch days. Some of my best days were in the winter. I used to be a really hardcore fisherman and kept a notebook of where I was fishing, day, tide, temperature, weather , and lures used.
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