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Baseball Thread

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      Astro wrote:

      max.patch wrote:

      Watching some of the Womens Softball National Championship Tourny here and there and saw an interesting at bat.

      The announcer had just said that the batter was fast and one of the ways she got on base was to hit the ball into the ground.

      Two pitches later that is exactly what happened. She hit the ball in to the ground, it took a giant bounce, the 3rd baseman fielded it cleanly and made a perfect throw to first. Safe. She beat it out.

      Something you don't see everyday -- or ever -- in MLB. These games are a nice change of pace.
      Fast pitch softball is a very "fast" game. 60 foot bases also come into play. When I was on our local baseball board we once had a girl playing with the 13-14 year old boys. Reason: baseball is not as "fast" as girls softball.
      I'm watching Olympic softball right now. They are playing on a baseball field, so the bases are placed on the infield grass. The difference (60' vs 90') is striking when they show a view of the field.
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