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    • I’m a little further than round 2 but not much. The pattern requires a very specific manipulation of the yarns to create a double knitted (reversed color) effect. It’s very tricky and this pattern is double knitted brioche which is even harder. It’s slow going.
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      Lost in the right direction.
    • Traffic Jam wrote:

      Although I’m not competing, I’m attempting to knit the next round’s pattern and it’s extremely challenging, It’s this (see pic ) on steroids. In 2 days, I’ve made it through two rows. :)

      Between knitting and practicing for a Scots-Irish festival, I’m a bit stressed these days. Need to go hiking.
      Wow, that's complicated! They look like something I've seen on a tattoo
      "Dazed and Confused"
      Recycle, re-use, re-purpose
      Plant a tree
      Take a kid hiking
      Make a difference