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  • Pacific Crest Trail

    Overview: The Pacific Crest Trail is a lot different from the Appalachian Trail. Along its 2650 miles it hits a high of 13,180’ at Forester Pass & a low of 200’ crossing the Bridge of the Gods at the WA/OR border. The terrain is about as varied as you can get. One day you may find yourself on a ridge in a snowstorm & a day or two later searching for water in the desert. In some places navigation skills are required. There are no white blazes to follow & snow pack covers many part of the trail through July. Although it is getting more popular in recent years, it has no where near the traffic that the AT does. Also, resupply is a little further apart & there are fewer choices. While the AT follows the “Green Tunnel” the PCT provides plenty of vistas.

    Pacific Crest Trail Association: This is the organization that oversees the PCT. By becoming a member you help support the trail & they can give you assistance in getting your permit for hiking it. Each… [Read More]