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Making your own Bacon Jerky 5

Author: Wise Old Owl - Feb 8th 2016

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How to make your best yummy bacon Jerky for no cook breakfast
5 Hour(s)
Amount Name
2 Cup Stubs BBQ Sauce or BBQ without Corn Syrup (NO SWEET BABY RAYS)
1 Pound Premium Bacon thick Cut (Thin falls into pieces)
1 Tablespoon Cholula Hot Sauce Chipoltle (optional - if your BBQ isn't hot enough) 1 per pound.
First combine the ingredients in a small mixing bowl. You may want to cut the raw bacon in half and peel all the pieces apart work the BBQ sauce & heat into the meat. There is no need for additional items for preservation - its already processed with nitrates or other ingredients. Let it soak over night in the bowl, covered in plastic wrap. Make sure the bacon is covered in BBQ sauce.

I use a Nesco Harvest Food Dryer for quality control at 160° for 4 hours with a shut off timer. I spray the trays with Pam or non stick oil and pack the trays with strips. I add a blank tray at the top. about 1/2 way thru I will rotate the trays. When done the bottom tray will catch the oils and some of the sauce. Then pull the bacon off and pat dry with paper towels and bag in a Ziploc. Each full length strip is 70-90 Calories.

You can use an oven with odd results, lowest setting about 200° 5 hours on the wire rack place a tray underneath to catch the oil & reduce clean up. Add something to prop the door open a little. Remember to pat dry the pieces in paper towel.

Why can't you use Kero or Corn Syrup BBQ sauces? When heated these sugars turn into a sticky mess, that won't go away. What may be acceptable for ribs in a restaurant, isn't for Jerky and other food items.

Fats and going rancid - doesn't happen.... why? Nitrates prevent mold growth, Vinegar or bad wine is high in acids and have the same affect and is in most BBQ sauces. At room temperature this strips will last weeks... Most likely your first batch will disappear before you reach the trail head.

Also note this is the same recipe for Spam just open the can use a wire cheese cutter and you can reduce the weight by 2/3's from this process. I also use this for doggies treats. 40-50 calories a slice.... most people do not recognize it as Spam as I call it Pork Shoulder Jerky

Comments 5

  • Wise Old Owl -

    Don't forget a hard boiled egg a packet of sea salt and you have a no cook breakfast on the trail... When boiling the eggs use a shell release agent - such as baking soda 1/8 cup or 1/3 cup white vinegar to make the shell easier to remove.

  • Energizer -

    I am on a roll. Made the jerky and the scones yesterday. I made both bacon and spam. Both are a huge hit with hubby. I like them also. Ok, so I love spam. Only eat it when I am hiking....;-)

  • Wise Old Owl -

    Gratuitous bump. Folks this is the easiest Jerky to make at home It delivers high protein and lower fat on the trail - you can choose a thick cut and most of the best BBQ sauces and deliver a great product a 4th of the weight and deliver energy provided you have water. It is my hope you consider this on your next trip.

    Question do you need to see video's of this process? would that be more helpful?

  • Traffic Jam -

    Thanks, I will try this.

    • Wise Old Owl -

      I have had chefs run out of the back of restaurants wanting to know how I improved bacon!

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