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  • CoachLou -

    And she has heard from Gettysburg.....she has been accepted. Now the big choice.........Mary Wash or Gettysburg!!!!! I would like to see her go to Gettysburg....I am trying to get her to get an internship with the Park Service!!!

  • CoachLou -

    My wife and her daughter were down in Williamsburg, her friend was in that multi aged event. They were in Fredricksburg at Uof Mary Wash! Not knowing their schedule I did not hook you guys up. She hasn't signed the papers yet, she is waiting to hear from Gettysburg.

    • Tuckahoe -

      Ha ha! I was doing WW1 for Military Through the Ages (that multi aged event).

  • EdDzierzak -

    I caught a brief flash of a tourism commercial a few days ago. Williamsburg was a big part of it and there was a very short shot of a blacksmith. Was that you? Just curious...

  • EdDzierzak -

    Ifyou can't find a projector, let me know. I might be able to loan one. Also, Sam's Club (big box store) used to do 8mm to video transfers.