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Bo Peep

  • Female
  • 50
  • from Knoxville, TN
  • Used to be called TrafficJam
  • Member since Jan 2nd 2014
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  • Grinder -


    I'm not around nearly as much as in the past, but since I was in and saw you'd been on recently, I thought I'd say hello. :)

    • Bo Peep -

      Hola! Miss you around here.

    • Grinder -

      Thanks. I've just been trying not to spend as much time on line. When I do, spending it on a site I'm really not "qualified" to be on seems pointless.

  • jimmyjam -

    Hahahaha I like the new name. Very cute.

  • CoachLou -


    I went to school with this guy. He lives near Nashville and I guess this is in Maryville some where! Enjoy!

    • Bo Peep -

      Very cool! FYI, Maryville is pronounced "mare-vull" (vull rhymes with full).

  • Dan76 -

    Were you aware of this incident? sltrib.com/pb/news/health/2017…who-refused-to-draw-blood

    The nurse involved is a close friend of mine. Her husband was not pleased to view a video showing how Alex was manhandled by the arresting officer.

    • Bo Peep -

      Yep, it's terrible. She was being a patient advocate and doing the right thing.

  • LIhikers -

    Glad to see you're back at the Café.
    I was thinking of you a couple of Saturdays ago when my son and I went to a local Makers Fair.
    You see, there were 3 people demonstrating spinning and weaving and another who makes violins.
    Hope all is well

  • Dan76 -

    Missing your witty posts.

  • ScareBear -

    Hope all is well! Don't let any internet stuff get you down.

  • CoachLou -

    I can not find an 'add new recipe' button?! Are we still doing that?

  • WanderingStovie -

    Love the avatar. Do the macro-spikes work in ice?

    • Bo Peep -

      They are multi use...spear a fish, crack a nut, poke someone's eye out.

  • Bodyman -

    Montana Mac has the best advice I've read so far for you. I also draw Magnetic North lines on my maps, even AT trail maps. And the merit badge book is for young folks, not Engineers or pilots. It is very simple and basic understanding of the subject. It is not quantum physics nor some mystical oneness with the flow of energy surrounding our globe.

  • montana mac -


    One thing I do on my maps to help me get it aligned is to draw lines across the map parallel to the magnetic north line. This way wherever I place the compass on the map I have a magnetic north line. I normally use a yard stick as this is a good width and has enough length to go across the map.

    Also the Boy Scout merit badge book for orienteering has good info.

  • montana mac -


    What was the approx mileage and did you do it as a day hike or an overnighter?

  • Jake Ace -

    Don't think I'll be around tomorrow so wanted to say have a happy Mother's Day lady, take care TJ.