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  • from Long Island, NY
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, Reading thread The AT has been ruined and I'm not the only one who says this

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  • CoachLou -

    Paul!!! Look at my new avatar...it is all YOUR fault.......................................Thanks :)

  • LIhikers -

    I appreciate the offer, but no thanks.
    It's my gift to you, enjoy.

  • Trebor -

    I received the pump today and it works great. Thanks again!! I would be more than happy to send you some money to reimburse the postage etc.

  • Trebor -

    Sending that pump is very kind of you. Thank you.
    My address is
    Bob Kline
    112 Westschester Crossing
    Canton Ga. 30115
    In return, if you would like, I would be happy to send you one of my alcohol stoves.

  • July -

    Hello Sir.