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  • Dan76 -

    Any of your officers heading to either convention for security purposes? I have several friends already on scene in Cleveland.

    • Trebor -

      We aren't sending anyone to Cleveland. But we did send two to Dallas for the funerals They left early Monday morning and wont be back until Saturday night.

    • Dan76 -

      Good. The officers sent may not realize it, but the respect shown to the families of the fallen is long remembered.

      I was able to attend the funeral of a military member KIA in Iraq. Her family was overwhelmed by the number of military members whom had never met her but attended her memorial. She was the first casualty from her small hometown and it struck hard. She was the first family member to join the military since WWII and her mother remarked to me her daughter was always talking about the brother-sisterhood she experienced within the military.

  • LIhikers -

    I'm glad to hear you got the pump and that it works well.

  • Trebor -

    Thank you!! That's awesome.

  • LIhikers -

    The Post Office says you should have the box on Monday
    The tracking # is 9500 1110 1402 5156 3584 58 which is good at the USPS web site

  • LIhikers -

    OK, finally, I'm off to the Post Office to send you that air pump ,for your sleeping pad, that I promised.
    Thanks for the offer of a stove, in exchange, but I'm good right now.