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  • Wise Old Owl -

    Wow what happened to the best guy on the blog? no posts for a damn long time.... you are clearly working too hard.

  • Rude Dog -

    Rasty, are you kind of like the site keeper?

  • Rude Dog -

    Anybody watch Joe robinet on you tube. He has 400 + vids. Cool young man ,lots of outdoor info. Hey WOO try a splash of red wine in that chick with onions.

  • Wise Old Owl -

    Rasty, I watched one of those Iron chef shows where they soaked for 24 hours chicken in chicken low sodium broth added a chopped onion and spices - clearly the broth is soaked up like a sponge. its gone in the morning..

    I have incorporated this idea into my cooking as it appears to be better than brining. It prevents over cooking and too dry meat. any suggestions to improve the flavors?

  • CoachLou -

    so all of a sudden it has allowed me to log on the home PC?!?!?!?!?!

    • Rasty -

      Some kind of update on your home computer. I've done nothing here

  • sheepdog -

    I'm not trying to start anything, but who was personally attacking ? I looked over the post and didn't see it, but I have pretty thick skin. Maybe

    • Rasty -

      I deleted it already.

    • sheepdog -

      I figured that out about an hour later. Lol. I just wanted to be sure it wasn't me.

    • Rasty -

      It wasn't you. If you get deleted the system will let you know that your post was deleted

  • sheepdog -

    Got it figured out. Thanks.

  • Dogwood -

    You call this a cafe? Where the heck is the 100% Kona Dark Roast and guava/passion fruit scones?

    • hikerboy -

      we have folgers singles and a coupla boxes of raisins

    • Dogwood -

      You forgot the fake bacon flavored dulse. Who the f#$@ comes up with these ideas? Who in laboratory says "we need to make a bacon flavored dulse?" - I guess two lab technicians seeking fame and fortune through misguided entrepreneurship one of Japanese descent and the other an American with a penchant for bacon fat.

    • Rasty -

      It's more like a cafeteria

  • Socks -

    Happy birthday Rasty.

  • Traffic Jam -

    The team at Appalachia...whatever. Happy Birthday!

  • feral bill -

    Thanks to WOO for suggesting the site.