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Wildlife Sightings Today

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      Had the perfect sighting for the 4th of July on Saturday. Went for a short walk in the woods at our local park. Saw some Turk's Cap Lillies and a grove of large sassafrass (you don't see many large ones around here for some reason). The black raspberries are just ripening and were able to pick a handful.

      But the 4th of July treat was seeing the Bald Eagle fly over the pond being chased by 4 blackbirds. He got directly overhead, made a u-turn, and went back over the trees (blackbirds still harassing him). He wasn't more than 50 feet up so we could get a good close up look at him. This park is on the Grand River just a fraction of a mile up river from an Eagle Nest monitored by the park service. Last I heard they had eaglets in the nest. The one we saw was almost certainly from that nest.
      I get goosebumps everytime I see an eagle.
      and to think, our national bird was almost the Turkey
      That would have ruined Thanksgiving.
      Probably take a lot eagles for a Thanksgiving dinner.
      The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.
      Richard Ewell, CSA General
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      My wife already ran over the national turkey a couple weeks ago. Repairs were 1900$ ( we paid the 100# deductible).

      But my favorite eagle sighting was a few years ago at pyramid point in sleeping bear dunes national Lakeshore. A few hundred feet looking down a perched dune into lake Michigan was a bald eagle soaring below us.