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Wildlife Sightings Today

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    • odd man out wrote:

      Chonkosaurus is breaking the Internet. The BBC newsfeed reports it was sighted by two kayakers with "thick Chicago accents", which makes me wonder how you pronounce chonkosaurus with a thick British accent.

      I've seen some big ones, but this is a monster! He is busting out of his shell.

      'I can only wonder what this thing has been eating,' one of the kayakers wrote on Twitter.

      Answer: With the murder rate in Chicago, I think we know what he has been eating ...
      “Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
      the saddest are these, 'It might have been.”

      John Greenleaf Whittier
    • New

      Walked up to the local pool complex this morning to drop something off to the Aquatics Manager. Staff were working on getting it ready to open this weekend. A duck family, Mama and 7 baby ducklings have taken up residence. Staff had procured new lane lines yesterday and were putting them into the 50 meter. Mama and the babies just hopped over them. Well, one or two of the ducklings had a little trouble and Mom had to give them a boost.

      Sorry I didn't take a picture but they were cute.