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Sleeping bag modification

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    • Sleeping bag modification

      Am I crazy? I loved the sleeve on my Big Agnes bag that the sleeping pad slid into. Kept me in place while rotisserie sleeping. I am about to sew a mesh sleeve onto my new Mountain Hardware Phantasia bag to recreate the sleeping bliss. Any comments?
    • I think it's a great idea. Are you going to attach it at the side and bottom seams of the bag?

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    • 1. Make sure you have decided on the pad size that will ALWAYS be your pad for that bag.
      2. Consider a couple of elastic straps instead. BA use the full sleeve but they don't have insulation where the sleeve is so they have to do the full thing.
      3. As another alternative - maybe some velcro strips?
      4. Instead of sewing onto the bag maybe a really light sleeve that bag and pad both go into? i.e. an oversize "liner" that is an "outer".

      I don't know. Above are some random thoughts. I don't think any solution is going to have the same "feel" as the full BA "system". The BA system bags are all rectangular or semi rectangular and the pad fits well. I don't think the concept works with a mummy bag.
      See if you can get your hands on a BA Insulated Q Core mat and see if the raised edge of the mat helps with the sliding off your mat problem instead. Mummy bags by their nature tend to turn with you and I'm not sure you'll get what you want from the modification.
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    • Yes to the side and top seams. Big Agnes has about a top third sleeves leaving the hips and legs free.

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