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      IMScotty wrote:

      I was lucky enough to see Jerry Jeff Walker a couple of times. He was a great showman. He does a much better version of Mr. Bojangles that is slower and more heartfelt. Check out this version from his "Great Gonzo" album.

      The whole album is worth a listen...
      I would agree this version is better than the one I posted (more similar to the NGDB hit).
      You are fortunate to have heard him person. In the over 20 years I lived in Texas unforutnately I never did take advante of the live music available in Austin.
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      The first time I saw him was in Boston. I had never heard of him, did not know who he was. He was the opening act for Nanci Griffith, another Austin musician. I'll tell you, he stole the show. The place was rocking, I was impressed. By the time Nanci came out, she actually seemed a little annoyed :) I made sure I picked up one of his CD's in the lobby on the way out and I was hooked.
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