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      Most of us probably got the ATC email yesterday about the IPhone app that converts your daily steps into where you would be on a thru hike of the AT. $5 "donation". Not available for android..........
      I really dislike all the effort ATC is putting into squeezing money out of us. I'd consider not renewing our membership but we have a lifetime membership. I have stopped sending them additional donations though.
      This is a copy of an email I sent to the ATC president in March after I could no longer justify sending them $50 for their ever increasing membership dues.Sandi,
      I have been a member of the ATC for over 40 years. Your minimum membership fee has increased beyond all reasonable bounds. I can no longer afford to be a member of the ATC. I believe your organization really needs to rethink your minimum contribution level. It would be better to have many members of the ATC than just a privileged few.
      Scott Stimpson

      I never did receive a reply, just more automated requests for money.

      Back in the 1970's when I called the ATC headquarters looking for information Jean Cashin was so kind and happy to chat with me. She would go above and beyond, mail me extra information, and never asked for anything in return. I was proud to sign up as a member of an organization run by people like her. This year after all these years, I finally let my membership lapse. There seems to be a different group of people running the AT Conference Conservancy now.
      Your email was nicer than mine....
      I basically told them that one of the political stances they took made me want to vomit and I would never again give them a single penny, and that they should go fornicate with themselves.

      And no, they didn't take me off the list I still get emails asking for money......

      The ATC is no longer what it used to be, or it should be.
      The ATC wanted the whole trail closed due to covid. Like its their trail.......without any good reason for such. Then out of pettiness they're not giving any certificates this year to any finisher....... Or putting their name on a ......list..... Wait a minute did these people walk the whole trail what's the problem? The problem is the ATC didn't give them permission to o.......plain and simple. And like a petulant child, they're throwing a tantrum.
      I share your sentiment, but my email to them was a little milder also. I just hope they pay attention and realize they are alienating their long time customers and financial supporters, and have a recipe for failure and eventually bankruptcy if they are counting on their new target market to replace us.
      The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.
      Richard Ewell, CSA General
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      I'm still pissed at myself for not letting the young lady from CO take a shot of me at McAfee when I went past there...I'm going back there some time in this next year with no other purpose than to get a shot...and maybe eat at the Homeplace which I also missed.
      I may grow old but I'll never grow up.
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      Fond memories of eating at Homeplace with Hiker Mom and Deer Hunter. :thumbup:

      when were you there. I seem to recall Hiker Mom said you were there just a couple weeks
      Is hiker mom still around? Seemed like a real sweet lady from her posting, miss her.
      She recently had achilles tendon surgery, and appears to be happy now that she is cast and boot free.
      The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.
      Richard Ewell, CSA General