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      chief wrote:

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      chief wrote:

      if there's a cliff at 50, then at 60 there's a black hole!
      Oh no, I better make sure I finish NH & ME this year. :)
      i turn 70 in 2020, soon as that black hole shoots me out the other side, i'm hoping to land in a parallel universe where i can watch myself screw up. i look forward to saying, "ha, i knew that was gonna happen"!
      Curious...do you still hike?I feel some pressure to hike (and do other activities) as much as I can, while I can. It’s been frustrating because life events are getting in the way and I worry that my good health is running out, like sand in an hourglass.

      I also worry about getting bad arthritis and not being able to knit anymore...that would be devastating. Some things bother my hands, mainly computer work and swiping motions but knitting and fiddle playing don’t bother me.
      No. Hiking and COPD don't mix well. I'm okay with that. I spent my life surrounded by asbetos insulation on ships and in shipyards and for good measure i smoked for 40 years. It is what it is, no regrets. I allow myself to walk around my neighborhood is about all. My lungs seem to like it. I'd just as soon get on my exercise bike in the house and listen to Glenn Gould play Goldberg Variations or Pearl Jam play Pearl Jam.
      Under everything, <you’re> just another human being, uh-huh. :)
      In life there are no limitations. Except stupidity. If you're stupid, you're screwed.

      Stephan Pastis