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Smart Phone and easy Google Map Maker

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    • Smart Phone and easy Google Map Maker

      Google Map Maker is called "My Tracks" and is free. It is a simple KML that works with the phone and data to record your trip on the phone.

      open your Play Store search on "map my tracks google" when you see Google' orange arrow and its certified- install

      Watch the Google Video

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    • I used MyTracks until I found out about BackCountry Navigator. That's what I now use on Android. It lets me download all my map stuff in advance of a trip and work disconnected, and it has some other features I like. If memory serves, it has a (2 week) trial period, and is about ten bucks after that.

      If you're an Android user, PeakFinder USA East is another app you may want to check out. It does one thing pretty well: answers the question, "What mountain is that, over there?" It also runs perfectly fine without a network.
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    • My Tracks is wonderful & Thank you for adding to the thread... Clearly in NY peakfinder will work round here... not so much.

      I like Peak Finder - but round here it only identified Dollywood, at a great distance.......

      I apologize for that...looks down.---- shuffles claws... now what was I doing?
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup:

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    • I tested My tracks in woods on a cell phone and right off the bat its down and dirty and incredibly easy to use it connects to the Google maps program that is already on the phone. Their are two other pages one for stats and saved tracks...The stats are easy - how fast - how far and elevation charts.

      Some changes I made right after the start.

      Go into the gear change the map to streets and satellite.

      Go into the Recording and change the naming function to date.

      Sync to google drive and now all the data ends up as a email. - priceless

      This makes old "Backpacker Pro" app almost obsolete. Oh its free..

      Brilliant... It doesn't appear to eat the battery & very few buttons.
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup:
    • I'd still imagine it doesn't work when the phone doesn't have service, or does it have a function to let you download the map in advance?

      The other thing in Backcountry Navigator that I find useful is that it will give me distance and bearing to a waypoint entered in advance. Comes in handy when searching for a logbook on a flat summit.
      I'm not lost. I know where I am. I'm right here.