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    • I should have taken pictures of all the DB construction, oh well guess I have to go back. The beer was a Gold Leaf Lager and it was excellent as was the BBQ. Quite a few hikers at Rockfish gap and Reid's gap. Beautiful day for a drive on the parkway.
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    • Trying some new stuff that they recommended to me at the hobby shop...

      Nummy Nummy
      Stubborn Beauty Brewing Co.
      Middletown, CT
      Imperial Style IPA - Unfiltered

      Excellent, though a buddy does a homebrew that is almost identical.

      I'm in Love with the Simcoe
      Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.
      New England Style IPA
      Mellow for an IPA, but I rather like it.
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    • Much to my disappointment, there were very few dark beers at the fest yesterday. It's probably a good thing as they are more filling which means less sampling. A local brewer, Underbite, had a great porter.

      There was a lot of sour beer, all of which I didn't like. I tried key lime (yuck) and some others I can't remember. Tried a few pumpkin, including one I've had before and thought was decent (DB Pumpkin Hunter) but none of them impressed me.

      I continue to develop a taste for IPA.

      One of my favorite beers was Lunatic Blonde, a Belgian pale ale, by Wicked Weed in Asheville. As well as loving the name, it was pretty tasty.
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    • Got introduced you Neuse River brewery recently and wound up putting two on tap at the restaurant. The La Fluer Saison and a Triple Rye Trappist style that is amazing. It really is one of the worst parts of my job. Beer is pushed on me weekly to taste.
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