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Whiskey Thread

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    • StalkingTortoise wrote:

      rhjanes wrote:

      Someone in the group posted that the local Total Wine near me had Eagle Rare and Buffalo trace. I saw it but didn't get there for an hour. The ER was gone but I got a 750 ML BT for like $22! Everything else I mentioned was a "No". New Riff, any of the EH Taylor, the ER.....

      Check online for news stories about the lines.
      The New Riff standard BIB offerings are good, but I'm partial to their single barrel offerings. Whomever picks their single barrels has good taste.
      New Riff is in every Ohio liquor store and of course at the distillery. But I have yet to see Buffalo Trace anywhere except at their distillery. I'm heading to Austin in February and my daughter agreed to take me bourbon hunting in-between family activities.
      It's all a game. Our Total Wine had probably 6 cases of BT and that was an hour after I saw a post on social media. When I was checking out the clerk said "We've been selling a lot of this today. WHY is this even 'allocated'? 80 percent of the time, our manager orders 6 cases once a month and 6 cases show up.....Thanks for your business and happy new years".

      I'm really liking Smoke Wagon bourbons. I've yet to find one in a store, but some people here in north Texas have found a few bottles. I can mail order it and it comes out of....Maryland? Yet it is aged and based in Las Vegas.......They have a flat $15.99 shipping so my last order was 6 bottles as I gifted out 4 of them. Makes it cheaper to pay the shipping than running around looking for it.
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    • Does Thru-Hiking Have a Drinking Problem?


      It depends on the person.

      I had a *A* beer in a lot of trail towns. Thinking back, I never had two. Even at The Doyle. :) Somewhere in NE I had a real steak at a real restaurant and had *A *mixed drink. That was it.

      After my hike I watched a good part of an AL playoff game between Boston and a team I don't remember. (Was taking the train home the next morning) This was at a Boston bar. I had 2 beers that night with dinner, becasue, lets be honest, purchasing alcohol while watching a sporting event at a bar is like paying rent for the chair and tv.
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    • Did a few more tours on the Bourbon Trail yesterday (including Maker's Mark). The bartender at the first tour lives in Lebanon KY where my third tour was located. She recommended one specific liquor store in town for bourbon hunting so i made an effort to stop in before heading home. Glad I did!

      They had Eagle Rare in the glass display case and the $80 price tag was the same as the bottle of Yellowstone Bourbon I just purchased at the last tour. You know what they say... "A bottle in the hand is worth two on the wish list." Or something like that.

      As I was leaving, I saw a true unicorn bottle in the back of the display - a Weller 'Craft Your Perfect Bourbon'. Just for fun, I asked for the price. $650 :S They obviously wanted to keep it more than I wanted to buy it.

      Came home with a nice haul. I'm liking this wet January challenge!

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