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REI Dividend is in, what can I get now?

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    • Drybones wrote:

      chief wrote:

      dividends are like tax refunds. hey thanks for letting me keep your money for a year! like with the irs i would prefer proper withholding.
      I'll have to pay a penalty this year, guess that's the interest on not withholding enough.
      What really pisses me off is having to pay income tax on social security...that's paying taxes on taxes.
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    • Astro wrote:

      StalkingTortoise wrote:

      Quit bitchin' about yer taxes! The gubmint is paying my daughter to go to school so all of your 'donations' are highly appreciated!
      My son too, then they have the nerve to tax me on it. :rolleyes:
      Daughter is the one with the tax woes since she's on her own. The National Science Foundation pays her stipend, but they don't withhold any funds for taxes.

      • The first year of her graduate studies, she only received the NSF stipend from AUG - DEC, so her tax bill was under the $1000 threshold that triggers possible penalties. No problem.
      • The second year, she had 12 months of NSF stipend and owed more than $1000. Big problem. She had to send a letter to the IRS explaining that the NSF didn't withhold any money and she didn't know that she should make quarterly tax payments. So far, she hasn't received a penalty.
      • This year, the head of her lab needed to spend grant money, so she deferred her NSF stipend and received a department stipend (with withholding). No problem.
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    • Same problem here, my daughter is on an AFROTC scholarship. The tuition part is tax free, but room and board is considered income so she (meaning me) owed taxes on that. Came as an unwelcome surprise, penalties and all. This year I made quarterly pre-payments, so at least there were not any penalties to be paid.
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    • odd man out wrote:

      I didn't rely on tax subsidies. I just paid some guy who guaranteed my kid would get into an elite university with on a sport scholarship, even though his academic and athletic abilities are crap. But it's a secret. Don't tell anyone. ;)
      speaking of which, this latest scandal reminds me of a former boss who paid someone to get his daughter into a prestigious law school. she was later involved in some financial misdeeds and was disbarred. guess it runs in the family.