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beware i guess

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    • beware i guess

      LoboSolo wrote:


      When I followed the link, it took me to that page where you have to agree to all their terms. Then I copied and pasted the url into the browser and it took me to a post about Birchy. If that is the one that you are referring to, then I feel confident in saying that hikers should definitely beware of this individual. One of my female hiker buds thru-hiked last year and had an encounter with this individual that totally freaked her out. Not going to name her but LS, I'm sure that you met her at Trail Days and also when she flipped back down to complete her thru SOBO. I've also read one or two comments on WB about him being sketchy in the past. Better safe than sorry.
    • beware i guess

      well OK I can weigh in... We were all warned 2 years+ ago about Birchy being a felon and a jerk. I think LW you might remember the threads from then... and the police showed up and he was already gone or something... the hiker bud was correct - I even remember a pic on the thread...

      The website you posted a shortcut too? awful, but thats IMO/
      Be wise enough to walk away from the nonsense around you! :thumbup: