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OMO in the Grand Canyon - Day 4

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    • OMO in the Grand Canyon - Day 4


      Today's hike was the shortest - just a few miles from Monument to Hermit Creek. But once again, navigating Monument was a challenge.
      Every time the trail crossed a drainage it was very hard to find where it exited the other side amidst the pile of boulders. I used to map to figure out
      where it had to be and eventually found it. My only other course of action would be to return to IG! The Hermit (of the trail and creek) was Louis Boucher,
      who built the trail to the rim and opened a lodge for guests (now this ruin).

      Fortunately the drop into Hermit Creek was much easier. Hermit Creek had a lot more water than Monument.
      My campsite was on a ledge directly above this swimming hole with waterfall. I set aside late afternoon for swimming.

      I didn't see a lot of wildlife. There was a deer at Phantom Ranch, a few birds, and lots of lizards.

      Since it was only mid morning, I took an excursion down Hermit Creek to the Colorado River. Hermit canyon had some of the craziest rock formations.
      This one rock sparkled like dragon scales, but it doesn't quite come across in the photo.

      I don't do a lot of selfies, but here I am getting ready to soak my feet and eat lunch at the spot where Hermit Creek enters the Colorado.
      This is where Hermit Rapids is, one of the biggest rapids in the canyon. Fortunately one raft came through so I was able to see them run the rapids.