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OMO in the Grand Canyon - Day 1

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    • OMO in the Grand Canyon - Day 1

      Day 1 of the Hike

      Here's a map of the hike, color coded by day. Not including the rim walks, the hike was 46 miles with a little over 10,000 ft or gain and loss.
      Here is the start of the South Kaibab Tral. It goes down very fast.

      Major viewpoints on the way down are Ooh Aah Point, Cedar Ridge, Skelleton Point, and the Tip Off.
      A couple of these now have solar powered composting toilets. However there is no water.

      It's time to stop and smell the roses. There actually was a large wild rose bush in full bloom. Here are some pics of the showier flowering cacti.

      After the Tip Off you can look down into the inner canyon and see the trial winding its way down, the black bridge across the river, and your destination.
      I camped at Bright Angel Campground, right next to the creek.

      After setting up camp I soaked my feet in the Colorado river and washed my socks. But also, by putting my feet in the water I could now say I was all the way to the bottom.
      I then went to Phantom Ranch, another classic lodge, for lemonade, iced tea, and supper of beef stew, corn bread, salad, and cookie. What a treat.
    • IMScotty wrote:

      Was it a hot day OMO? How did you protect yourself from that sun?
      It was probably in the 90's mid day down at the bottom. Hot, but not oppressive like mid-summer. Everyday I wore the same clothes.
      A Outdoor Research Helios sun had (with chin strap - very important due to the extreme winds), Wool and Prince wool/nylon blend t-shirt (this shirt is AMAZING!), a long sleeve nylon shirt (generic LL Bean woven Green Plaid shirt, unbuttoned for ventilation), long pants (Duluth Trading Company Dry-on-the-Fly - my favorite hiking pants - great pockets), boxer briefs (nothing fancy - Haynes?), Dart Tough Micro Crew Cushion Socks, Brooks Cascadia trail runners (these are great shoes for me). The only place I used sun screen was the back of my hands. I take my hat off for pics.Other wise my face is completely in shadows.