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Sheltowee Trace Trail

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    • Sheltowee Trace Trail

      I’ve started a new trail, the Sheltowee Trace Trail. It’s 340+ miles with the southern terminus in Big South Fork and the Northern terminus up in KY somewhere. :)

      My first trip was great. The weather was crazy... sunshine, cold rain, sunshine, cold rain, sunshine, hail, lightning, thunder.

      I hope to be smarter with trip planning and not do the same thing that I did on the BMT...all the day hikes, loops, out and backs, and extra miles.

      I have a target completion date but don’t want to share. When I start telling people my plans, they seem to fall apart (the plans, not the people).

      Had a lot of fun and learned to appreciate a good campground bathroom...literally saved my hike to have a place to get warm and dry out gear.
      Lost in the right direction.
    • A few pics...
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      Lost in the right direction.

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    • Sheltowee is the name given to Daniel Boone by the Shawnee, it means Big Turtle..thus the turtle, trail markers. Daniel Boone was “adopted” (captured) by the Shawnee and taken to Ohio(?). He later escaped.

      Fun fact...Daniel Boone didn’t wear a coonskin cap, it was considered unfashionable.

      The Southern John Muir Trail shares some of the Sheltowee Trace.
      Lost in the right direction.
    • I’ve got more Daniel Boone trivia. Last week, when my trainer found out where I was hiking, he read Daniel Boone history to me during my workout, lol. It was fun to think about all those things while hiking.

      Scott Co/Kentucky has had a lot of flooding recently. The day after I finished, it rained some more. I saw a pic of the campground where I stopped to get warm and regroup and it was totally under water...made me wonder what I’d have done if I were caught in it.

      on day 2, it started raining while packing up camp. It was a cold, hard rain, and after 5 miles, I was so wet and chilled that I worried about hypothermia and thought about abandoning the hike. I wasn’t sure if the campground was open and hoped that the bathroom was more than a small, stinky pit toilet and that it was unlocked.

      Walking into the CG, the gazebo looked nice but I really needed to dry my wet clothes and get warm. I was so excited to find the bathroom unlocked but got even more excited when I walked in. It had built in benches, hooks, and a powerful hand dryer. Heaven! It’s the little things.

      This is the gazebo...only the roof is visible.
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      Lost in the right direction.
    • Traffic Jam wrote:

      This is the gazebo...only the roof is visible.
      OMG, I think I was hiking there just this past July. Past flooding was evident - you could see ripple patterns of silt well up the banks of the river and even creeping up on signage. When the water is down, though, it's a great place for getting out on the big rocks. (Sorry, first one uploaded sideways ... )