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Thunder Ridge to Bearwallow Gap

    • Thunder Ridge to Bearwallow Gap

      The original plan was to walk back to 4 Pines thereby getting Tinker Cliffs and McAfee Knob but it was not to be with all the rain from the hurricane remnant. Slingshot wanted a sunny picture on the Knob and I don't blame him so we decided not to walk three days in the rain and we bailed after the first day of rain.
      Day one was two hours of driving for him to get to my house and then 3.5 hours to 4 Pines and then 1.25 hour shuttle. So a 4 pm start time. Hiked past Thunder Ridge shelter and got some intell on a couple of stealth spots just passed the FAA tower on Apple Orchard Mountain. The spots were tucked away in some pines with no view so we decided to be bold and go unstealthy like and camp in the field right below the tower. Fantastic sunset, tons of stars and even a little milky way and an unbelievable sunrise. Day one included passing under the Guillotine.
      Day two we crossed a footbridge, Blackrock Overlook, Floyd Mountain, Bryant Ridge shelter, Fork Mountain, and we pulled up at the swimming hole at Jennings Creek and stealth camped in the woods. We did shots of whiskey and smoked seegars by the pool.
      Day three we woke to rain and packed up in the rain and guzzled water and loaded up with water under the bridge because we had a long dry area- no water at the next shelter, so no water for at least 7 miles and possibly 10. Hiked up Cove Mountain in a steady rain, but the views were great with the valleys clouded in and the peaks sticking thru. We got a signal on top and checked the weather and saw it was going to suck big time until Tuesday so we decided to call it and called Nature Boy to pick us up at Bearwallow Gap in a few hours. I had already done this section, so I was more than fine with bailing :-). It was still a great hike, I'm lucky to have a friend that hikes at my speed and that I get along with so well.
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    • Cool.
      There are 10 day forecasts.........that are purty good....

      Ive hiked enough wet on longer hikes, that I choose not to for short hikes where I can choose completely dry window. Best thing about section hiking....rain is mostly optional.

      I went out last week, came home due to hurricane....going back out this weekend for several nights. Beautiful cool clear weather is hard to pass up. Cold/wet will be here soon.

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