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Harper's Ferry Appalachian Trail Bridge

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    • To me, it looks like it will be an issue for most of this year. From reports, CSX owns the RR Bridge, with the walking bridge part of it but "owned" by the National Park Service (NPS). CSX has inspected, repaired the bridge for RR use. NPS is saying more inspections are needed. Before any decision or design or engineering work goes forward with a solution. Hmmmmmm. Doesn't sound "open soon" to me.

      The walk around is reported to be a very dangerous road walk, but was once how the AT went over into Maryland.

      The ATC is also stating that hikers should "use one of the shuttle services". But I think I also read that ATC was doing something about a shuttle (might not be remembering that correctly).

      Perhaps the most up to day, would be the ATC web site or a call to them.

      appalachiantrail.org/ << top story is about the bridge.
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    • Thanks all...I checked out the Hwy 340 bridge (Sandy Hook Bridge) on google maps (street view), it's about a 1/4-mile long and I don't see a shoulder -- I see a fog line and a little bit of pavement outside that line, but that doesn't meet the definition of a shoulder (not even a "narrow shoulder") in my opinion, despite what I've read about this bridge elsewhere (including on the ATC site)...seems very dangerous to cross, unless I'm missing something on street view.
    • I'm just glad that I've already walked/backpacked it.

      The first time was with my husband in July 2014 (we walked over and back) which was right after the very last time that I saw/spoke with Baltimore Jack as he was coming out of the Harpers Ferry Outfitter. This memory saddens me. :(

      The second time was when I backpacked in April 2017 from the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to the Mason-Dixon sign. That was a great backpacking trip. ^^