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MYOG Pillow Fix

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    • MYOG Pillow Fix

      Tried of your pillow constantly slipping off your pad? Here's an easy fix. I used to put my short sleeve shirt over my pad and slide the pillow under it. Kinda sorta works. Hard to adjust the pillow, can't put a hand under the pillow or hold the pillow, and after a couple of days of hiking in that shirt- well you know- it's like trying to sleep with your nose in your armpit.
      So cut two pieces of light webbing or grosgrain and fold them in half to make a loop and CAREFULLY sew one on each end of the pillow cover. Deflate the pillow and pull the inner air bladder back from the cover. Tie some elastic cord or tape to your loop and feed it under your pad and tie off to the other loop. Vola! Your pillow now stays put without a funky shirt.
      "Dazed and Confused"
      Recycle, re-use, re-purpose
      Plant a tree
      Take a kid hiking
      Make a difference

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