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Mountain Art

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    • Mountain Art

      Just wanted to share an item that has been hidden in the back of a closet for years, so now I have proudly put it back on my wall for display (since my wife is not home and I can get away with these things at least for the moment).

      About twenty years ago I drove by the aftermath of a yard sale in my town and there was a box of things left at the curb that had not sold. Now I am not above a bit of trash picking. Imagine my joy when I discovered this painting of Mount Katahdin...

      Sorry for the quality of the photo, this painting is 'reverse painted' onto the glass. It shows Katahdin and is signed S. Zeller (or Zelier), and dated 1940.

      Wait, it gets even better. On the back is a typed sticker that says
      Baxter State Park
      Mt. Katahdin
      Mr. & Mrs. John J. Riley
      from their friend
      Percival P. Baxter"

      This was a gift from Percival Baxter! Who throws out things like this?
      Anyway, it hangs in my house now. At least until my wife gets home :)
      “Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
      the saddest are these, 'It might have been.”

      John Greenleaf Whittier
    • Let me preface this with I hope you have a very long life, but just in case make sure in your Will people know how neat and valuable this is and it does not end in the trash again or at a thrift shop.
      The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage.
      Richard Ewell, CSA General