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AT RT. 60 to The Priest

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    • AT RT. 60 to The Priest

      The night before my hiking buddies were to arrive, my juniper allergy decided to go into high gear. I didn't want to cancel because I was really looking forward to it and we had been weeks in planning it. So I decided if I felt bad in the morning I'd go along anyway for the first night so that I could shuttle them to the other trail head the following morning.
      Slingshot and Craig arrived at my house about 3pm and I told them of my sinus situation and what my plan was. So we headed west in both trucks. Our first destination was Sheetz at Zion Crossroads for sandwiches for dinner. Next on to Crabtree Falls Meadows. The Meadows is just above the top of the falls about 2 miles down a narrow 4 wheel drive road. Apparently a big storm had come thru or possibly a tornado as the road was covered in blow downs. The Forest service had cut a path thru barely 8 ft wide, I mean wtf guys would it have been any harder to cut 10 ft? The pictures I took of the road are void of the blow downs. There were about four creek crossings.
      We parked Craig's SUV in the parking lot and put the gear in my truck and back tracked a few hundred yards to a nice spot by a creek. Sorry I forgot to take pictures. The wind was picking up to about 20-30 and rain was expected so we pitched our shelters in a hurry and ate our sandwiches and followed up with our customery shots of whiskey and moonshine.
      We only got a slight drizzle during the night but the wind howled most of the night. I awoke feeling miserable, congested and still running a low grade fever. I told them no way was I going to hike in cold wet rain today with my sinus infection. They understood and continued with the rest of the plan. We piled in the truck and went down the west side of the mountains to Lexington for breakfast at McDonald's. After breakfast I dropped them at the AT traihead at RT. 60 just outside Buena Vista. I headed home and they headed north back to Crabtree Falls Meadows with the plan being for them to walk past the Meadows to The Priest so Slingshot could tag it and connect that Dot and then backtrack the one mile back to the Meadows turn off and then the half mile to Craig's SUV and catching Spy Rock along the way.
      "Dazed and Confused"
      Recycle, re-use, re-purpose
      Plant a tree
      Take a kid hiking
      Make a difference

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    • Here's some more pics of the hike. You can see my modified Trailstar. The field pictures are from Hog Camp Gap, a real nice camping spot with a spring. The good view shots are on top of Spy Rock which is on a short spur trail from the AT near the Priest. Sorry they didn't take any pictures of the alter or the Priest shelter. I had some trouble editing the pictures.

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      "Dazed and Confused"
      Recycle, re-use, re-purpose
      Plant a tree
      Take a kid hiking
      Make a difference

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